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Search Dates1/10/2020 to 31/10/2020
Application LinkFormatted AddressApplicantLodgement DateApplication TypeCategoryDescriptionCurrent Stage or DecisionDetermined Date
CC2021-005767-81 Bridge Street WEST TAMWORTH NSW 2340 MJ & KJ Allen Building Contractors15/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Commercial DevelopmentFood and Drink PremisesApplication Assigned to Officer 
CC2021-005326 Banjo's Circuit HILLVUE NSW 2340 Great Value Garages6/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDetached Garage and Two Water TanksApplication Assigned to Officer 
CC2021-005459 Flagstaff Road NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340 Great Value Garages12/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedUnder Evaluation by Certifying Officer 
CC2021-0058417 Comara Road RETREAT NSW 2355Bruce Reginald Allan16/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentNew Dwelling (Construction Cost $100 000 or less)Application Lodged & Accepted 
CC2021-00606 Francis Avenue NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Graham Vernal Doring20/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey DwellingApplication Assigned to Officer 
CC2021-006219 Sequoia Drive MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Jake Alexander Laurie22/10/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed and Rain Water TankApplication Lodged & Accepted 

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