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Search Dates1/09/2020 to 30/09/2020
Application LinkFormatted AddressApplicantLodgement DateApplication TypeCategoryDescriptionCurrent Stage or DecisionDetermined Date
CC2021-00383 Barakula Drive MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Anthony Charles Reardon4/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed and Rainwater TankCertificate Issued21/09/2020
CC2021-004056 Falcon Drive CALALA NSW 2340 Great Value Garages8/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed and Rain Water TankUnder Evaluation by Certifying Officer 
CC2021-004110 Roy Street MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Kathryn Ann Burgess9/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed & Two Rainwater TanksCertificate Issued14/10/2020
CC2021-004371 Phillip Lane WARRAL NSW 2340Daniel Jeremy Swartz9/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed w/ Attached Carport excluding slab (9m x 12m) & Farm Shed (8m x 24m)Certificate Issued15/10/2020
CC2021-004552 Manilla Street MANILLA NSW 2346Walter George Hayden14/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSecondary Dwelling - Change of use of existing shed to secondary dwellingApplication Assigned to Officer 
CC2021-004826A Dowell Avenue EAST TAMWORTH NSW 2340 MW & LM Single Builders Pty Limited17/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDemolition (In Conjunction with Building Works)Additional Information Requested 
CC2021-00496 Myrene Avenue CALALA NSW 2340 16/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedPending Determination of Development Application 
CC2021-005012 Levien Avenue EAST TAMWORTH NSW 2340 SAE Design24/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDwelling Additions and New ShedApplication Assigned to Officer 
CC2021-005211 Blue Gum Road MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Michele Elizabeth Tibbles30/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued8/10/2020

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