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Search Dates1/10/2019 to 31/10/2019
Application LinkFormatted AddressApplicantLodgement DateApplication TypeCategoryDescriptionCurrent Stage or DecisionDetermined Date
CC2019-0192228 Jenners Lane WINTON NSW 2344Tom Alexander Hollis, Merryn Elizabeth Groves15/05/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Agricultural/Farm DevelopmentFootings and Sub-Floor Framing associated with an Existing Dwelling to be RelocatedCertificate Issued31/10/2019
CC2020-0042200 Marius Street TAMWORTH NSW 2340 MWB Consulting Services Pty Limited, JRB Consulting Services Pty Limited22/08/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Commercial DevelopmentAwning over carpark, Amenities & Associated FencingCertificate Issued10/10/2019
CC2018-0061Centenary Park & Youth Centre 26-28 Sussex Street WEST TAMWORTH NSW 2340 Tamworth Regional Council5/10/2017Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Community Facilities DevelopmentAdditions to existing community facility (two covered outdoor areas)Certificate Issued24/10/2019
CC2019-021066 Plain Street TAMINDA NSW 2340Raymond Alexander Nicholson6/06/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Industrial DevelopmentConstruction of an Industrial Building for use as a Freight Transport Facility and Enclosure of Existing ShedCertificate Issued11/10/2019
CC2019-01516 Ainslie Place HILLVUE NSW 2340 Undoolya Pty Limited1/03/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentMultiple Dwellings - Stage 1 - Units 7-16Certificate Issued23/10/2019
CC2019-01701 Glengarvin Drive OXLEY VALE NSW 2340Anne Francis Taylor1/04/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDetached Shed with SkillionCertificate Issued25/10/2019
CC2019-0206Dangafell 120 Dunoon Road MOORE CREEK NSW 2340David John Fergus, Jennifer Lena Fergus3/06/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed with Mezzanine Floor connected to Veranda of Existing DwellingCertificate Issued21/10/2019
CC2019-021610 McDonald Crescent CALALA NSW 2340Dennis William Gill20/06/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAttached GarageCertificate Issued11/10/2019
CC2019-022419 Minnamurra Crescent HILLVUE NSW 2340Brian David Wilson28/06/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentConstruction of a Dual Occupancy and Torrens Title SubdivisionCertificate Issued2/10/2019
CC2020-002777 Fitzroy Street EAST TAMWORTH NSW 2340Bernard William Wicks, Meredyth Joy Wicks25/07/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDwelling AlterationsCertificate Issued18/10/2019
CC2020-003611 Andrew Avenue CALALA NSW 2340 Tamworth Local Aboriginal Lands Council5/08/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDemolition of Existing Dwelling and Construction of a Replacement Single Storey DwellingCertificate Issued9/10/2019
CC2020-00398 Bibil Close NEMINGHA NSW 2340Kirsty Rose Morgan19/08/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed and Retaining WallCertificate Issued9/10/2019
CC2020-0041110 Arthur Street MANILLA NSW 2346Reginald Henry Fletcher, Robyn Margaret Fletcher21/08/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentExtension to Existing ShedCertificate Issued16/10/2019
CC2020-00495 Roy Street MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Stephen Aaron Grace, Michelle Christie Grace3/09/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey Dwelling & ShedCertificate Issued25/10/2019
CC2020-00544 Highland Place NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Monique Rochelle McDonald12/09/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued11/10/2019
CC2020-0067Moongabah 702 Moonbi Gap Road MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Trent Phillip Betts, Nadine Sheryn Betts1/10/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAbove-Ground Swimming Pool with Cartridge FilterCertificate Issued28/10/2019
CC2020-006928 Francis Avenue NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340John Robert Carr2/10/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey Dwelling and Detached GarageCertificate Issued22/10/2019
CC2020-00731B Lydia Street SOUTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Ronald Lyndon Walters, Judith Walters16/10/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAttached CarportCertificate Issued29/10/2019

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