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Search Dates1/07/2020 to 31/07/2020
Application LinkFormatted AddressApplicantLodgement DateApplication TypeCategoryDescriptionCurrent Stage or DecisionDetermined Date
CC2020-0169Community Hall 763 Barry Road HANGING ROCK NSW 2340 Tamworth Regional Council4/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Community Facilities DevelopmentFlagpoles (3)Certificate Issued30/07/2020
CC2020-011857-61 Gunnedah Road TAMINDA NSW 2340 Steel Holdings (Woolomin) Pty Ltd30/01/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Industrial DevelopmentVehicle Repair StationCertificate Issued2/07/2020
CC2020-0172Phoenix Street WESTDALE NSW 2340 Camlin Investments Pty Limited14/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Industrial DevelopmentSurface Weighbridge, Onground Slabs & Access RampsCertificate Issued17/07/2020
CC2020-006414 Brushtail Drive NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Hayley Jane Roods26/09/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSecondary Dwelling (transportable cabin) - Footings onlyCertificate Issued21/07/2020
CC2020-0154325 Bournes Lane HALLSVILLE NSW 2340Andrew Graeme Shiels, Chauntelle Maree Varley1/04/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAlterations to Existing DwellingApproved27/07/2020
CC2020-017347 Byrnes Avenue TAMWORTH NSW 2340Phonesay Ae Vongphachan, Thaworn Vongphachan18/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDwelling - Alterations and Additions - Meals, Kitchen, Laundry to Existing Residential DwellingCertificate Issued28/07/2020
CC2020-017526 Nowland Crescent WESTDALE NSW 2340Benjamin John Allen20/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued20/07/2020
CC2020-017620 Orley Drive OXLEY VALE NSW 2340Rebecca Jayne Goldman21/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued7/07/2020
CC2020-01838 Mahogany Street MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Cameron Bryan Huggins, Kirsty Shane Huggins9/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentProposed Shed and CarportCertificate Issued22/07/2020
CC2020-018622 Baileyana Close MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Martin Thomas Macdonald, Cassie Gai Macdonald10/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued1/07/2020
CC2020-0190266-268 Forest Road NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Michael David Wilson, Melanie Skye Wilson19/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAlterations to Dwelling - Enclose Existing Alfresco Area to extend Kitchen/Dining SpaceCertificate Issued17/07/2020
CC2020-019114 Bulwara Drive WESTDALE NSW 2340Daryl Puerto Wood11/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDetached GarageCertificate Issued21/07/2020
CC2021-000362 Fitzroy Street EAST TAMWORTH NSW 2340Julia Mary Chaffey13/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAlterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling and New Inground Swimming PoolCertificate Issued30/07/2020
CC2021-00082 Robyn Street SOUTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Gaylene Ann Ryan16/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDetached CarportRejected20/07/2020

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