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Search Dates1/09/2020 to 30/09/2020
Application LinkFormatted AddressApplicantLodgement DateApplication TypeCategoryDescriptionCurrent Stage or DecisionDetermined Date
CC2020-012991B-97 Ebsworth Street WEST TAMWORTH NSW 2340Douglas Ian Sinclair, Wilhelmina Paula Sinclair17/02/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Commercial DevelopmentDemolition of Existing Shed and Garage and Build Three (3) New Single Storey UnitsCertificate Issued10/09/2020
CC2020-0197Mountview Retirement Village 124-128 Peel Street NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340 Freedom Aged Care Properties Pty Ltd24/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Commercial DevelopmentAlterations to existing Aged Care Facility to create TV / Recreation RoomCertificate Issued8/09/2020
CC2021-0025Post Office 45 Gill Street MOONBI NSW 2353Claus Heinz Dieter Mahlenhoff7/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Commercial DevelopmentAdvertising StructureCertificate Issued28/09/2020
CC2020-0060King George V Avenue TAMWORTH NSW 2340 23/09/2019Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Community Facilities DevelopmentDemolition of existing pump station, Construct Pergola (Historial Display area), picnic benches.Certificate Issued18/09/2020
CC2019-003453 Spains Lane KINGSWOOD NSW 2340Maree Elizabeth Styles, Steven Thomas Styles15/08/2018Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDwelling - Alterations and AdditionsRefused22/09/2020
CC2020-017713 Boronia Drive CALALA NSW 2340Anthony Charles Jackson27/05/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDwelling - Alterations and Additions - Kitchen, dining, living, Ensuite & Bedroom, Dressing, Pantry and LaundryCertificate Issued4/09/2020
CC2020-01792 Banks Street WESTDALE NSW 2340Mark Vincent Dobson, Diane Margaret Dobson1/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued28/09/2020
CC2020-020017 Riesling Road NORTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Mark Anthony Rennie, Lisa Ann Rennie30/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentFreestanding CarportCertificate Issued17/09/2020
CC2020-02014 Heyman Close MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Alistair Richard McDonald30/06/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAdditionsCertificate Issued17/09/2020
CC2021-001110 Denne Street WEST TAMWORTH NSW 2340Mathew David Kelly, Eryn Louise Kelly17/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued4/09/2020
CC2021-00134 Eureka Place HILLVUE NSW 2340Brian Garry Semms20/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued15/09/2020
CC2021-00142 Robyn Street SOUTH TAMWORTH NSW 2340Gaylene Ann Ryan20/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentAttached CarportCertificate Issued21/09/2020
CC2021-001815 Darrell Road CALALA NSW 2340Geoffrey Thomas Chambers22/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDouble Carport with Store RoomCertificate Issued15/09/2020
CC2021-001937 Kingswood Drive KINGSWOOD NSW 2340Shaun Mathew Wadwell, Meekah Raine Amber Maddison24/07/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed & 2 x Rain Water TanksCertificate Issued4/09/2020
CC2021-00217 Bluebell Way MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Hayden Mark Warren3/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey DwellingCertificate Issued1/09/2020
CC2021-0024103 Strafford Street MANILLA NSW 2346Philip James Underwood5/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential Development Detached Shed (12mX8m)Certificate Issued30/09/2020
CC2021-0026Possum Gums 45 Tregarthen Road MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Hadyn Francis William D'Arcy, Stephanie Rose Hunt10/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued28/09/2020
CC2021-0027878 Upper Moore Creek Road MOORE CREEK NSW 2340David Edward Barratt9/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShedCertificate Issued21/09/2020
CC2021-00288 Orchid Drive KOOTINGAL NSW 2352 12/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentDetached GarageCertificate Issued29/09/2020
CC2021-003454 Myrl Street CALALA NSW 2340 MW & LM Single Builders Pty Limited24/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey DwellingCertificate Issued7/09/2020
CC2021-00383 Barakula Drive MOORE CREEK NSW 2340Anthony Charles Reardon4/09/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentShed and Rainwater TankCertificate Issued21/09/2020
CC2021-00395 Angus Place CALALA NSW 2340 31/08/2020Application - Construction Certificate (CC)Residential DevelopmentSingle Storey Dwelling HouseCertificate Issued11/09/2020

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